Curalin a Scam?

Neville Parakh
3 min readMar 1, 2021


Honestly at first Curalin sounded like every other supplement for diabetes. You see I have tried so many different supplements geared towards diabetes with little results. Perhaps things like cinnamon and berberine helped but gave me little hope of getting off of my prescription drugs. Sure a combination of metformin and januvia worked well as a one-two punch but hated the side effects. For starters my calf muscles would really tense up like I had lactic acid buildup. Not a great sign for sure! Having a few episodes of low blood sugar due to medication was not fun. The best part was that even with insurance I paid nearly $400 a month for januvia.

Fast forward till the last couple of years when I finally gave Curalin a try. Totally shocked that I was seeing a reduction in my blood sugar with my first few doses. Most recently my A1C was 6.1 with no medication. Definitely not a cure but is a solution for managing diabetes. Even more thrilling is the fact that my mom was able to get off of 4 prescription medication for diabetes. For her one of the prescriptions was an injectable and she was one step away from going on insulin. Thankfully she has avoided the pain as well as the expense of insulin. Just this week I was shock to see one of my Facebook friends paying over $1000 for a months supply of insulin. She had to take both the fast acting and time release version for her Type 1 diabetes.


1) Results seen fast for me

2) Have not had any issues with low blood sugar. (I recommend testing blood sugar 3 times a day).

3) No side effects. ( only encountered a slight upset stomach for 5 days till my body a adjusted to Curalin. This can be avoided by starting with a lower dose as your body adjusts. )


1) Could be considered pricy at $75 a bottle for something you don’t know will work. Solution is to buy their multi packs to bring the per bottle price down. Also here is a coupon for $25 off your first bottle. Here is the link to get $25 off.

You can find this also on Amazon and Walmart’s website but the link above gives you a coupon code.

Also consider the costs of leaving your diabetes uncontrolled. Time off work, cost of prescriptions etc. So in view of this Curalin is a great deal!

So keep in mind this has been my personal experience and everyone’s body reacts differently. Also I don’t work for Curalife, as I am just a happy customer.

Update: Added unfiltered and unedited video for further explanation.


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